ATMIM Spring Conference 2014

Below is a listing of all the sessions that occurred at this conference.  Some of the presenters have provided documents from their presentations for you to use as appropriate. 


Keynote Speaker

Ann Marie Condike

Mathematics Professional Development Coordinator, MA DESE

Getting Ready for the PARCC Assessment - Implications for Curriculum and Instruction



General Session

Anne Collins – Lesley University

Formative Assessment Addresses Mathematical Practices


 New Teacher Sessions

3 Sessions devoted entirely to new teachers
facilitated by Anne Collins, Nancy Johnson and Neelia Jackson


Kate Damon – Digi-Block

The Digi-Block Method: Hands-On Place Value, Number Sense, and Operations


Pamela Halpern – Salem State University

Stories and  Games and Math - Oh My!

Kate Marin - Westwood Public Schools

Beyond A+B=C: Building Algebraic Thinking in the Early Grades

Presentation - Problem Types



Jill Milton – Norwood Public Schools

Essentials for Developing Early Numeracy (PreK-2)

(zip file with three documents)


Lisa Mikus – Newton Public Schools

Digging Deeper: Developing Learning Experiences with Greater Cognitive Complexity that Kids will Actually Enjoy!


Rob Nickerson – ORIGO Education

Building Links Between Addition and Subtraction: Concepts and Number Facts


Rob Nickerson – ORIGO Education

Be Strategic: Tools for Multiplication and Division


Kit Norris – Southborough MA

Number Lines: A Gift from Common Core

Susan Schneider and Sarah Clark - Marblehead

STEMming Between the Classroom and Reality in Grades K-3

Document 1

Document 2

Youtube Video Link

Middle School

David Bau and Ellen Metzger – Lincoln Public Schools

Introducing Pencil – Helping teach kids to use programming as they use a pencil

John Bookston - Arlington High School (ret)
Problem Solving in Middle School Using Real World Problems: Satisfying You, Your Students and the Common Core

Neelia Jackson - Boston Public Schools (ret.)

Manila Math: Math for Real

Margaret Kenney – Boston College (ret)

Mathematics and Art: A Viable Connection for All to Enjoy


Christopher Scott – Cumberland,RI Public Schools

Learning Progressions, Technology and the Common Core


Shawn Towle – NCTM Affiliate Services Committee

Engaging Students in the Math Practices with FREE Technology from NCTM


Barbara West – Manchester Center, VT (ret)

Making Middle School Math Come Alive with Games & Activities

High School

Don Barry – Phillips Academy

Making Indirect Proof Feel Natural

(pdf file)


Donald Cameron – Brooks School

Rethinking Mathematics Education In the New Era


Jim Donatelli – Texas Instruments

CCSS Mathematical Practices-"Use Appropriate 

Tools Strategically" with TI-84 and TI-Nspire Technology


Cara Goldberg – Boston University

“Math: Out of the Classroom, Into the World!”


Joel Jacob – Phillips Academy

Applied Archaeology - using statistics to 

understand the archaeology of the southwest; using trigonometry to triangulate and map a historic site


Nancy Johnson - Hopedale Public Schools


Richard Larson – MIT

MIT BLOSSOMS: Math by Critical Thinking and Real World Applications



Jim Matthews – Siena College

Geometry and Algebra – Make the Connection with Five Great Problems

(word document)


Jim Matthews – Siena College

Before or After the AP Exam – An Incredible Problem Connecting Probability and Calculus

(word document)


Leanna Russell – Whitman-Hansen Regional Schools

Activities and Lessons to Model Algebraic Concepts


Barbara West – Manchester Center, VT (ret)


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