Common Core Resources

The content below is provided as a way to help schools and teachers implement the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core State Standards Initiative

This site contains the CCSS in their originally written form.  It is searchable in various ways and provides an excellent resource to those wishing to read the standards.

Mathematics Georgia Standards of Excellence

The Georgia Department of Education has created complete grade level course materials that are available for all to view and use. To access the specific materials click on a grade span in the "Browse Math Standards" box on the left of the page.

Achieve the Core

This site contains a wide variety of tasks, lessons, assessments, and professional development modules. All free!

Emergent Mathematics

A blog about mathematics education.  Good ideas for thought and reflection on your own practice.  The site also includes links to problems and lessons from other sites that the authors have reviewed.  There is even a way for you as the author of a problem / activity to submit it for inclusion on this website's list of problem. 

This site also includes a "Problem-Based Curriculum Map" with links to activities and suggested number of days for full courses Grade 3 - Grade 11 Mathematics.  

Illustrative Mathematics

This site provides guidance on the implementation of the standards.  It is very helpful for those writing/organizing curriculum based on the standards.  Items included are lesson plans, assessment tasks, and sample course outlines.


Despite all the negative publicity around NY and the CCSS initiatives, the NYS Department of Education has spent time and money creating course materials. All are available as Word Documents for editing as you wish.  Many of these lesson plans are good starting off points for teachers to customize and use in their own classrooms.

Mathematics Assessment Project

As its name suggests, this site contains a wide variety of tasks to assess student learning - most are of a formative nature and many can be adapted as actual classroom lessons.

Yummy Math

A wonderful site for application based activities to use in the classroom.  Activities are often based on current events or seasonal themes.  The authors are constantly adding content.

Tools for the Common Core

This blog is run by Bill McCullum, one of the authors of the Common Core.  It is a good resource for in-depth analysis and discussion of the CCSS.  

PARCC Online

This site contains information about the PARCC assessment. News, updates, and sample items/tests are available on the site.

Open Middle

This site contains a number of interesting problems organized by grade, strand and topic.  The resource spans the K-12 curriculum.

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