Margaret J. Kenney Award

The Margaret J. Kenney Award was created by ATMIM to honor the contributions of Peg Kenney, a recently deceased, beloved mathematics

professor at Boston College. Peg will be greatly missed in the mathematics education community both locally and nationally. She was a gifted leader, author, and speaker. Peg was a past president of both ATMIM and ATMNE; she served on NCTM’s Board of Directors and several committees. Her

influence has been phenomenal. While her command of mathematics and its teaching was extensive, Peg had a particular interest in Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, and Geometry. In order to honor Peg’s legacy, each year members of the ATMIM board will select an exemplary Massachusetts

teacher to give a content-rich presentation in one of these three areas of mathematics.


Award Recipients

2020: Susan Weiss


2019: Jay Schiffman

2017: Mary Sullivan

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