Spring Conference 2016
Reaching All Learners

Below you will find documents shared by the presenters at our Spring Conference 2016. We hope you will find these resources helpful to you as you remember what you learned at the conference, or peruse them for the first time if you could not attend this time around.

The materials are listed alphabetically by the last name of the session presenter.

Beth Bloomberg

Math Team? Math Competitions?

bloomberg Summer Camps 2016.pdf

bloomberg Math Competition Res ATMIM.pdf

bloomberg Math Trnmnts 2016 ATMIM.pdf

John Bookston

Problems of the Week and Month for All Learners

Resource Link

Dawn Dreisbach

Chess: I'm Me; You're You; Let's Play

dreisbach Chess and Special Education, Dawn Dreisbach.pdf

Jennifer Fairbanks

Finding and Sharing Great Lessons and Activities

fairbanks-ATOMIM Talk 2016 pdf.pdf

Daniel Frey

Use of Video in an Active Learning Context: the BLOSSOMS Pedagogy


Cristina Heffernan

Differentiated Practice with Immediate Feedback Made Easy using ASSISTments

heffernan Conf Flyer October 2015 (1).pdf

heffernan-ASSISTments App (1)-1.pptx.pdf

Kate Marin

How Long is the Square Root of 3?: Building Number Sense with Number Lines


Brian Marks and Leslie Lewis

Engage Your Students with Rich Real World Tasks


Steven Rattendi

MCAS 2.0 - Lastest Developments

rattendi MCAS 2.pdf

Molly Rawding

Engaging, Creative, and Fun Lessons from the Week of Inspirational Math

rawding YouYallWe.pdf

rawding ShapesGrowing.pdf

rawding WIM-day-2-gr-5-9-vF.pdf

Steven Yurek

From Caesar to Culper to ENIGMA and beyond. From Winning Wars to Cyber Security

yurek - Codes from Caesar to Cyber Space.pptx

yurek_Codes and the Spreadsheet.xlsx

Kyle Wescott

Strategies to Close the Gap for ELLs

wescott Strats to Close the ELL Gap.pdf

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