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NCTM is a source of great information to enhance your teaching. Here are four sources that I have checked out. I am sure you will find some refreshing ideas that you can use to begin your week.

Teaching and Learning Math with the Common Core

NCTM and The Hunt Institute have produced a series of videos to enhance understanding of the mathematics that students need to succeed in college, life, and career. Beginning in the primary grades, the videos address the importance of developing a solid foundation for algebra, as well as laying the groundwork for calculus and other postsecondary mathematics coursework. The series also covers the Standards for Mathematical Practice elaborated in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and examines why developing conceptual understanding requires a different approach to teaching and learning. These videos also provide a rich foundation to have discussions with the parents of your students about mathematical practices!

Share Your Love of Math

You can adjust these activities to whatever grade(s) you teach. I Love Math NCTM resources for your classroom and to share with your colleagues. Take advantage of many of NCTM's technology-rich tools, from Illuminations interactives to journal articles that include technology to download or explore online. Plus, there are middle school math activities inspired by space travel for those who get excited by all the math in Hidden Figures, and a little algebra 1 Valentine's Day chocolate as well! 

Math in the Digital Age

"What students should learn is a different issue than how their learning is measured," stated NCTM President Matt Larson in this interview with WQED iQ SmartParent. What are Larson's three tips for parents to help their children with math? Parents, Common Core, computer science, and more! 

Preschool Linked to Success on Global Math Test

The latest results of the Program for International Student Assessment give tantalizing hints of the connections between students' early childhood education and their later math scores. "Children in young grades who have a strong foundation in numbers, that follows them through the secondary grades," said NCTM President Matt Larson. "That's entirely consistent with the research, and it does suggest that it's something for school district officials to consider." Education Week

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