WGBH / PBS Learning Media Webinar - Making the Case: Teaching Mathematical Argumentation

  • Thursday, March 20, 2014
  • Webinar

Dear Colleagues:
Announcing our newest collection on PBS LearningMediaâ„¢, Making the Case: Teaching Mathematical Argumentation.
Common Core Standard #3 for Mathematical Practice builds skills that are valuable not only in continued academic study, but also in daily life and the workplace: "Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others."
Argumentation and critique are proven ways to learn and do mathematics. Students build understanding by explaining and defending their own reasoning, while also examining the reasoning of others. Unfortunately, these methods are often left out of curricula.   
What does this look like in the classroom, and how can you begin to implement this approach with your students? To help you, we created the Making the Case collection of videos and background material for high school teachers. The videos are based on visits to classrooms around the country where teachers and students are focused on discourse and argumentation, and where teaching practices build these skills systematically. Experts who have worked with the standards frame the examples.
Use these videos on your own, with peers in your professional learning community, or as part of informal or formal teacher professional development.
Want to learn more? Sign up for our FREE WEBINAR on implementing this standard in your classroom. Thursday, March 20, 2014. 4 pm EDT. Click here for more information and to register. Questions now? Contact Julia Anderson.
Major funding for Making the Case is provided by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, dedicated to strengthening America's future through education.  
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