Winter Conference 2017 - Next Generation MCAS

Below are four PDF files of the presentations made at this conference. We hope you find them useful as you are working with colleagues in your districts!

Keynote Address

3-5 Breakout Session

6-8 Breakout Session

Grade 10 Breakout Session

Answers to some questions that were asked during the Q&A session that didn't have answers that evening:

For CBT (computer-based testing), will students – at some point in the future – have access to a digital writing tool to organize their thoughts?

There is a Notepad built into the TestNav platform to allow students to take notes and organize thoughts.  If this is referring to something outside of the testing platform, there are no plans to provide anything.  I know there are several typing curriculum programs that schools have been implementing.

Is the Department  collecting IEP data on PBT (paper-based teaching) and CBT (computer-based testing)?

Yes.  Same process for both test modes, selected accommodations are collected through the Student Registration/Personal Needs Profile process on PearsonAccess Next.  Any information from prior MCAS or PARCC testing is auto populated into the system. 

Following standard setting for this year, will educators receive testing data before the end of the school year? If not for all items, would it be possible to share the computer scored items before the end of the year? 

Timelines beyond this year haven’t yet been determined yet, they are still under discussion.

Will next-generation MCAS results go into Edwin similar to the legacy MCAS results?


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