Jayne Lynch – 2017 Recipient of the Father B Award

Submitted by Steven Rattendi

Jane Lynch and Steve YurekAnnually at the Spring Conference, ATMIM honors a teacher nominated by educators in mathematics to received the Rev. Stanley J. Bezuszka, S.J. Achievement Award for Mathematics Teaching and Learning. This award honors an outstanding mathematics educator that has made contributions to the mathematics community in Massachusetts including through active participation in ATMIM.

Steve Yurek presented this year’s award to Jane Lynch. Jane was truly surprised to receive this award, and caused a slight delay in the Spring Conference Program when she needed to be brought back into the conference hall to hear the announcement of receiving the award.

Jane is a Math Coach in the Cambridge Public Schools and an adjunct professor of mathematics education at Lesley University. She has co-written books in the series Math For All: Differentiating Instruction and How to Differentiate Your Math Instruction.

Her colleague Eileen Gagnon writes:

Time and time again, teachers and coaches will talk about how knowledgeable and inspirational she is, whether it is through her coaching, facilitating professional development, or teaching a class. She always leaves them wanting more! She is data driven and focuses on the facts when unpacking the story behind the data. The teachers see Jayne as an expert in the field and welcome opportunities to problem solve along side her.

Linda Dacey, another colleague writes:

I think Father Bezuszka would like someone such as Jayne to receive an award created in his honor. Like him, Jayne unfailingly supports and mentors those around her, has a natural curiosity that leads her to pose interesting mathematical questions about her surroundings, and has a deep faith that allows her to always see the best in others and want the best for both her students and her colleagues.

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