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Monday, January 11, 2016 8:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Happy New Year!  So over the break, as I thought about my upcoming lessons, I was reflecting on a discussion I had with fellow Algebra I teachers about homework.  Many of us are experiencing an issue with homework completion.  Over the three years of the start to my teaching career, I keep trying different homework policies.  This year alone, with my Algebra I course, I have tried three different methods. 

At the start of the year, I tried to use the book.  I assigned nightly book work but since the book is online we encountered a lot of technological issues.  I gave out books, but then there were issues with the students not having books in school or at practice.  The book just was not working and I was tired of fighting with the students. 

I asked them what works for them and the majority of the students suggested worksheets and cited many practical reasons.  It's a super difficult thing to keep up with and making a worksheet that was at the right level with the right number of problems was time consuming.  On the positive side, my students increased their completion of homework and were trying more of the problems.  But I was struggling to keep up.  And as a newer teacher, I was stressing out about creating the homework rather than working on an engaging lesson.

So during break, while on Pinterest (one of my favorite places to get lesson ideas), I came across a spiraled homework Algebra I packet.  It was through "Teachers Pay Teachers" and would cost $19.99 for a years worth of the homework.  I'm not into spending money for materials if I am not sure how they work.  So instead I downloaded the free 2 week version.  I included the link below.  So far, my students have actually done really well with the spiraled homework.  IT reviews all sorts of material and its only about 7 questions a night.  My students have done geometry review, arithmetic review and probability review.  I've loved watching them gain confidence with material they know or have more familiarity with, instead of coming in anxious about the material they were still processing.


We are only two weeks in, and I need to make the next couple of week homework sheets myself, but I am looking forward to reviewing more material from middle school than in previous years.

Has anyone else tried spiraling homework?  What have you used?

Hope to see you all Thursday!


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