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Thursday, October 15, 2015 1:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In March 2011, mathematics teachers in Massachusetts first were introduced to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Now, over four years later, we are still working towards understanding the standards for mathematical content and we are working hard at bringing the standards for mathematical practices into our classrooms.  This is an exciting time for mathematics educators.  But it is also a challenging one. 

Mathematics classrooms are being transformed from students working individually, taking notes, and being led through procedures on how to solve problems to classrooms where students discuss problems, share ideas, try working out a problem, critique the reasoning of their peers, determine if the solution makes sense for the situation, and sometimes revisit the problem in order to find the faulty reasoning and correct it.  We as mathematics teachers are continually challenged to engage our students with mathematical tasks that are thought provoking and relevant.

I would like to share some of my favorite resources that embrace the practices and support the content of the Frameworks.  Lets take the time to share some of our “favorites” with our peers to create a library of favorite resources for our membership.  I encourage all of you to share “the good stuff” with us. 

Mathematics Assessment Project - The Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP) is part of the Math Design Collaborative initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. MAP set out to design and develop well-engineered tools for formative and summative assessment that expose students’ mathematical knowledge and reasoning, helping teachers guide them towards improvement and monitor progress. The tools are relevant to any curriculum that seeks to deepen students' understanding of mathematical concepts and develop their ability to apply that knowledge to non-routine problems. Grades 6 – high school.

Illustrative Math – Illustrative tasks and resources for each standard.  Grades K – high school.

NCTM Classroom Resources – Lessons and resources continually being updated for all grade levels.

mathopenref – An awesome site for geometric constructions.

Dan Meyer – The home of the “3 Acts”.  Lessons for middle and high school that start with a video, wonders about a question, and asks students to solve the question.  The website is a blog and offers many ideas and resources.

mathnspired – Lessons and tools to help guide students to understand key concepts using TI-NSpire technology.  The  lessons are available in both Word and PDF form.


Nancy Johnson

ATMIM President


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