Dr. Mary M. Sullivan Presents at Spring Conference in Memory of Peg Kenney

Submitted by Joan Martin

Nancy Johnson Presents the Peg Kenney Award to Dr. Mary M. Sullivan Dr. Mary M. Sullivan, the first Margaret J. Kenney Presentation Awardee, presented “Take a risk: Be square in your math classroom!” at our Spring Conference. Mary masterfully incorporated number theory, geometry, and discrete mathematics, the three topics of particular interest to Peg Kenney, within problems involving squares.  

Latin squares, magic squares, dissecting squares, Tic-Tac-Toe, and checkerboards were infused with twists and problem-prompts to investigate. Mary introduced many of us to the electronic games of 100! and 1010! and reintroduced us to some of Lewis Carroll’s and Lagrange’s conjectures. She had us all “being smarter together” and “wandering and wondering,” which was also a hallmark of many of Peg’s posed problems and presentations.

Mary had been a dedicated student, respected colleague, and dear friend of Peg Kenney. Mary’s sincere admiration for Peg and her legacy was evident in her well researched and thoroughly entertaining, informative session! For those of you unable to be with us at the conference, check out Mary Sullivan’s slides and handout for a rich supply of interesting math problems!

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